JROTC Program of Christian Schools
JROTC Program of Christian Schools 

The JROTC Program of Christian Schools has brought in a new light of sunshine to not only our school but our Community.

Eric Williams Jr. Headmaster- Army CJROTC Program

Parents, Teachers, Headmasters, Communities Speaks...

I Beleive 100% In This Program, I Feel... No Scratch That I Know That This Is One Of The Best Educational Programs In The Country, and I Personally Vow That Within 1-2 Weeks Of A Student Entering The CJROTC Program, There Will Be Changes Seen At Home. I Beleive In Each Instructor, They Are Hand Selected, By Thier Background,

Military History/Resume, and Thier Beliefs & Walk With Christ! Each Instructor Goes Through A Long Rigorous Instructors Course. Before The 1st Day Of Class. I Beleive In Each One, I Personally Give Each Class 1on1 To Each Instructor, Around The Country, That's Why I Am Able To Vow Changes In Each CJROTC Cadet!  We Do Build Better Individuals" 


                                                                 CJROTC/JROTC Program of Christian Schools - Director

"For years we wanted to send our child to a private school, but they did not offer the CJROTC program, now that it is available we were more than excited to make the move over"


Terri Rogers- Parent of a Marine Cadet - JROTC of Christian Schools 

"The JROTC Progam of Christian Schools has allowed us to enroll in great private education, and a great program"


Emily Smith- Parent of an Army Cadet- JROTC of Christian Schools 

"This Program has allowed our school to bring in a great elective for our students who are not so much interested in sports, gives them an outlet to be active, and involved"


Headmaster- Air Force CJROTC Program- JROTC of Christian Schools 

" When my son first started the CJROTC Class he was 250lbs and depressed, when summer rolled around he was 185, and self-motivated!  I was so excited for him to start another year of class. "


Jessica T. Evans- Parent of a Marine Cadet- JROTC of Christian Schools 

"The Cadets over at the Christian School, have shown our veterans a great deal of respect, and honor, we are pleased to have them present the colors at our Veterans Day Service every year"


Lewis Pickman- Director Veterans Memorial Cemetary- JROTC of Christian Schools 

"We Have Seen A Change of 1-2 Grade Point Averages With The CJROTC Cadets, Students That Were Doing Not So Well Now Doing Lots Better"


Dr. Blumenthal- Principal/Dean of Students Navy CJROTC Program- JROTC of Christian Schools 

"After the 1st couple of weeks of CJROTC Class, I could tell a huge difference in my son he's more respectful and more responsible for his actions" 


Julie Tanner- Parent of a Marine Cadet- JROTC of Christian Schools 

"The JROTC Progam of Christian Schools has boosted our school Military Awareness, and Respect among students, parents, and also the staff,  I would recommend this program to any private or Christian School God Bless"


Steven Wallace- Headmaster  Army CJROTC Program- JROTC of Christian Schools 

"We worked for years trying to bring in the CJROTC Program to our School, and finally the program has been well worth the research, and commitment my only regrets is that so many graduating seniors missed out on it before, they would have loved the program, and it would have been very beneficial to their future "


Raisain Michales-Principal Headmaster Army CJROTC Program- JROTC of Christian Schools 

"My daughter started CJROTC class two years ago, she is a graduate this year, and still comes home every day talking about CJROTC Class just as much as she did the very 1st day of school her 1st year in CJROTC, I was starting to wonder if she was going to any other classes lol "


Tashina Okereke- Parent of a Navy Cadet- JROTC of Christian Schools 

"My Grandson Has Done A Complete 180 Since He Started With The CJROTC Program This Year, I Hope He Sticks With It Cause We Love It"


Mildred Elizabeth- Grandparernt of a Marine Cadet- JROTC of Christian Schools 

"Ill Be Honest, The Director Said That We Would See A Change In Our Child At Home 3-4 Weeks Top, I Didnt Beleive Him, But 3 Weeks Later....Wow Wish They Would Had This For 6Year Olds Lol, Beautiful Ran Program"


Julia Morris- Parent of a Army Cadet- JROTC of Christian Schools 

"If our son could take CJROTC all day every day of the school year he would be in heaven"


Camari Patrick- Parent of an Navy Cadet- JROTC of Christian Schools 

"It Was a Rocky Start At 1st With It Being New To Our School Thats Been Ran The Same Way From Day 1, But Turns Out It Has Been The Blessing Of Change That We Needed. "


Dennis Karillis- School Adminstration- Navy CJROTC Program- JROTC of Christian Schools 

"We really wanted to bring this program to our school, but were worried about the numbers; were we going to have enough students that would want to participate, in the pre-signups before school breaked for summer, we only had "4" students to sign up for the program, but on our 1st day of school we had 12 students, and two students wanting to switch out classes for the CJROTC Class. This Class/Progam has been a Blessing To Our School, Staff, Community, and Most of All The Students."


Matthew R. Knowles- Headmaster - Air Force CJROTC Program- JROTC of Christian Schools 

"Their Color Gaurd Is Exceptional! They Have Won The City Christmas Parade Every Year Since They 1st Entered, Beating Out The Local High School Everytime! Good Job Guys!"


Cicley Chapman- General Public Observation-Marine CJROTC Program - JROTC of Christian Schools 

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