JROTC Program of Christian Schools
JROTC Program of Christian Schools 

Pure Facts of the Program

Facts........Your Questions, Our Answers

ANSWER: The CJROTC program:
Is very similar to the well know JROTC Program in public schools across the united states, however, The JROTC Program of Christian Schools is not affiliated in any many with the DOD TECOM JROTC Program. The CJROTC Program takes normal teenagers and develops them into better all-around individuals. Teaching Leadership, Honor, Respect, Self-Reliance & Self-Motivation. The CJROTC Program takes and develops the normal teenager, to a more well-rounded individual, shows the normal teenager the basics and necessities in life, bringing them out of the shyness (their comfort zone) to be Self-Confident. The CJROTC Program covers Government issues, task, and background information, along with military services as a possible career with any branch. While promoting, and pushing each Cadet to be the very best in all that they do. The CJROTC Program promotes completion in all life task to include high school, and all and any upcoming task that a cadet may see in their future. The program also provides an incentive to healthy living and being drug-free. The CJROTC program does all of the above, but what good is any of the above if you don’t have a belief in an Almighty power of Christ The program hones in on Christian Values and Belief Also From a Non-Denominational Perspective. 

QUESTION: Are there student enrollment requirements?
ANSWER: Student enrollment requirements are:
A Student must be in enrolled in a regular course class 9-12grades at the Christian and or Private School hosting the CJROTC Program. Each student must be accepted by the school CJROTC instructor, with the approval from the school principal. Each student must comply with personal grooming, and abided by uniform regulations and high standards of the CJROTC Progam. Each student must maintain academic, physical, and acceptable standards of conduct.

QUESTION: Are there any benefits of CJROTC?
ANSWER: CJROTC Benefits include:
The CJROTC Program has been operating since 2013 and has an 98% percent rate of the cadets graduating seniors either join the military (various branches) and or sign up for the ROTC program in college to continue to higher education. The CJROTC cadets are better behaved, role models among their peers, and are taught values, self-discipline, self-motivation, and self-control. Each Cadet develops higher self-esteem, learns to be dedicated, learns to become loyal, and responsible, and what it means to be loyal, and responsible. The CJROTC Program establishes and brings out the natural core of each Cadet, and provides the basics of being better Americans, and national security. Among the local community of the hosting school it moves military awareness more to the front lines of the communities mind, and eyes as they see Cadets participating in community events, and aiding in community service. Students that sign up for JROTC and successfully complete 3 years of the program are entitled to advanced promotion in the United States Military either active or reserve component to E-3 In The United States Navy & The United States Air Force. In the United States Marine Corps & The United States Army the cadets are entitled to the advanced promotion of E-2. Some colleges accept the JROTC Program as pre and or college credits. Every School year each of the program instructors submits different cadets for scholarship opportunities that are only offered through the JROTC Program.

QUESTION: What subjects or what is taught in the curriculum, what is the curriculum?
ANSWER: The CJROTC subjects include the following, and is:
The CJROTC Program operates on two Currliciams 1 CJROTC Core Currliciam and we also use the same Currliciam as the US Government JROTC Program DOD TECOM Curriculum, but is not associated with in anyway, our curriculum is broken up into a span or period of 4 years, In each branch of the CJROTC Program (ie Army, Navy, Air-Force, Marines) the subjects are different but are all include: General Military Subjects of the branch, Government, Leadership, American History, Foundation of Success, Geography, Map Skills, Fitness, Citizenship, Theory, Astronomy, Drill, Oceanography, Commands, Electronics, Navigation, Personal Growth, Finances, and Career Exploration. Each branch of the CJROTC Program Curriculum contains different subjects, but most contain the above listed. 

QUESTION: Who are the Instructors?
ANSWER: CJROTC instructors are:
The CJROTC Progam hand select each and every Instructor, each Instructor has strict qualifications, and certifications, and background checks that each applying must have, each applicant must submit an application, and that application is reviewed, and a finalist is called in for an interview with CJROTC Director and hosting school. Each instructor must meet all Instructor Qualifications,(as listed on the instructor's tab) and have Christian Background and be an active believer.  Most Christian/Private/Academy Schools are small in numbers and usually only have one instructor (Lead Instructor) in some schools two instructors are present and assigned (Senior Instructor & Instructor)

QUESTION: For whom do the instructors work?
ANSWER: Instructors:
Are employees of the hosting school and are responsible to the school authorities, the JROTC  Program of Christian Schools for the conduct of the program. The instructor works for the headmaster/principal. Each instructor and the hosting school agree on contract terms for compensation and duration (not less than 10 months per year). Although though the instructor’s contracts are with each hosting school, The JROTC Program of Christian Schools reserves the right to remove instructors from the program through decertification action if their performance or conduct is unsatisfactory to strict program standards.

QUESTION: May the instructors teach other subjects? 
ANSWER:  Instructors:
Instructors perform only those duties connected with the operation, instruction, and administration of the CJROTC Program. Instructors will not perform duties or teach any other classes in any manner except for JROTC Class, and or have a study hall or planning period. However; this provision does not preclude instructors from performing other routine duties that are on a regularly rotating schedule among other teachers in the school, coaching sports, teaching bible classes, and or serving on school committees. 

QUESTION: What is the relationship of instructors to other members of the school faculty? 
ANSWER: Instructors:
Instructors are usually part-time, but a member of the school faculty, listed on schools publications, and website.  All instructors usually receive the same benefits of teachers such as sick or emergency leave, and school holidays and are subject to the same extracurricular assignments and duties as other teachers such as homeroom, and or study hall if that instructor is available.

QUESTION: What is the length of the instructor's contract?
ANSWER:  Instructors:
The minimum instructor contracts are no less than 10months, each school is different school start and end dates so each contract varies, but all contracts are at least a minimum of 10 months. The contract is for one school year per contract starting the 1st day of school in full duration of the last day of school.

QUESTION: What does the school furnish?
ANSWER: The hosting school:
The Hosting school furnishes the instructor's compensation, A non-shared classroom with a locking mechanism, necessary storage area for uniforms and equipment, access to a gym or athletic fields, and equipment normally provided to other teachers and classes.

QUESTION: How long is an instructor applying applications retained on file?
ANSWER: All Approved: 
The JROTC Program of Christian Schools retains all approved applications for a period of three years from the certification date but remains on the applying instructor's responsibility to ensure his or her file is updated with current contact information. Instructors who terminate employment are eligible for re-employment consideration and may remain as active applicants for up to two years. Any instructors that are terminated by the hosting school, and or by The JROTC program of Christian Schools will be NOT Allowed for future employment indefinitely No Exceptions. 


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